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EWA Sessions

Energy Life Coaching  

Take a two-week vacation in less than an hour, without leaving town!

Each EWA Session lasts either 30 or 60 minutes. During the session, the client sits or lies comfortably while Bill facilitates the flow of healing and balancing energy to the client. The energy spontaneously flows to those areas that are most in need. Bill monitors and facilitates the flow of the energy, as well as the removal of any blocks to the energy’s unobstructed flow.

The cost for EWA Sessions is $110 per 30-minute session and $200 per 60-minute session.

Life Energy Alignment Can Be Achieved
in All Areas of Life

  EWA for Vibrant Health
When we begin to experience minor health concerns such as headaches, joint pain, muscle aches or insomnia, this is a sign that our bodies are out of alignment…

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  EWA for Professional Success
Ideally, we would like our businesses affairs to flow effortlessly, always resulting in our desired outcome of unlimited success. More often than not, because we are energetically out of alignment, this is not the case...
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  EWA for Successful Relationships
Most of us experience challenges in our personal and professional relationships. Yet if our primary relationship is strained, our children are out of control or our relationships at work are challenging, there may be a faster and more effective solution beyond the traditional approaches of therapy of team building…
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  EWA for Emotional Well-Being and Overcoming Addictions
Do you sometimes feel that you are at the mercy of uncontrolled emotions or that your rational mind is overpowered by strong impulses? If you’ve tried other modalities yet, you’ve found yourself falling back into your old patterns, it could be that you are out of emotional alignment….
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Energy Alignment Sessions are experiential, and you will actually feel changes and shifts happening within yourself during the session!

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EWA Sessions with Life-Coaching

When Life-Coaching is given along with a EWA, the guidance “lands” in a different way than it would, during a regular conversation.

During an Alignment Session, a receptive state of consciousness is produced in the client that allows the guidance to be infinitely more transformative than it would be if it were given under ordinary circumstances.

For example, one client had an issue with his parents and had been in therapy for many years. The issue was so extreme that he actually felt as if he hated his parents. During the EWA Session, while he was in a state of profound quiet and coherence, simple suggestions were made, regarding the energetic nature of the relationship. Although the suggestions were similar to what his therapist had been saying for years, the results were profoundly positive, immediate, and have now lasted for over ten years.

When a weed is pulled and even part of the root is left, the tendrils will always begin to grow again. With Bill’s work, the energetic “weeds” are removed completely and all the tendrils, no matter how deeply have penetrated the cells and nervous system, are removed.

The cost for EWA Sessions with Life-Coaching is $100 per 30-minute session and $175 per 60-minute session.

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Commonly reported EWA Benefits:

• increases energy

• balancing energy flow

• increases immune support

• increases sense of well being

• provides deep relaxation and contentment

• rapid recovery from surgery and other medical treatments


An eyes-open,
active meditation

Experience a state similar to deep meditation without having to take a class or actually having to meditate! 



















Commonly reported Energy Alignment with Life-Coaching benefits:

• quickly reduces stress and maintains balance in trying situations

• develops clearer thinking and decision making

• increases energy and confidence to accomplish your goals